About Scott Bird Photography

The short version :

Scott Andrew Bird is a Heritage Photographer documenting Australia's rich colonial and engineering history. He's currently based in the beautiful city of Sydney.

The longer version :

Scott Andrew Bird is lucky enough to have been behind a camera for more than 30 years, having been given one by his father at age 10. His father - a professional motor sports photographer - also showed him exactly how to use it, and a lifelong passion was born.

From that point onward, nearly every major experience was documented on film (and, of course, memory cards). Celebrations, vacations, fireworks displays and a whole lot more.

In 2005/6, after using the incredibly powerful (and highly recommended) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for a while, Scott decided to scan all of his film-based photographs. This simple decision (and the months of work which followed) led to quite an astonishing revelation :

in addition to the celebrations, vacations, fireworks displays; many of the photos he'd taken over the years were of early Australian sites and buildings. It was clear that a love for documenting Australian history had existed all along.

Now aware of the driving force, Scott began focussing on two key aspects of this incredibly rich history -

Australia's colonial heritage : the sites, and buildings which formed this
Australia's engineering heritage : the bridges, roads, culverts and so on which contributed enormously to the nation's growth

And in many cases, both. Projects such as the Great North Road and the numerous Convict-Built Bridges are examples of this.

These days, he's both documenting and researching both of the above areas. If you're also a fan of colonial and engineering heritage - or simply enjoy beautiful images of Australia - dive in. Enjoy.

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Contacting Scott Andrew Bird

If you'd like to get in touch - to ask a question, or to request photographs of a particular location - the simplest way is to use the form here. He'll get back to you as soon as possible.