I'm the editor of the strength training site Straight to the Bar. I believe that the human body is an amazing machine, and the site looks at the fastest, strongest and most powerful athletes in a range of fields.

My goal is simple - to help people change their own lives through information and inspiration. I've been extremely fortunate over the years and genuinely enjoy every aspect of my life; hopefully my articles will help you reach a similar point.

A bit about me personally

I've been surrounded by cameras and computers for a little over 20 years now, and am passionate about each. Perhaps this is unsurprising; my father was a professional motor racing photographer for many years and my mother shared her love of language, reading and writing. A quick glance at my bookshelves confirms that she succeeded.

The two passions - photography and computing - have seen me engaged in everything from travel photography (I love travel, so this was a natural combination) to 9-5 banking work. Perhaps 8-6 would be more accurate.

Lately I've returned to the areas of language, reading and writing. The expression of ideas is a vital concept, and these areas - together with the photography - cover that perfectly.